Our New Business Ventures

Our company’s strength lies in the established practices that are updated with the changing needs of the industry and our enduring product and service quality. We have consistently introduced new products to our range of offerings and multiplied the capacity to meet the ever increasing demand of the industry.

Apart from our stronghold in the Chemical raw material business, as we foray into the agro fertilisers and plant nutrition business, we have currently tied up with leading research houses in India and are in the process of developing products for plant nutrition using nanotechnology as a tool to help circumvent problems of soil degradation due to excess use of chemical fertilisers thereby improving Crop yield and Soil health progressively. We visualise ourselves as making a positive impact on mother earth, the farmer community and mankind, thereby changing lives in the new millennium.

We are committed to maintain our leadership position in the industry and are working hard to penetrate unexplored regions worldwide, while maintaining our existing high service standards.